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Updates - Price Changes

Dear Customer,

A number of our suppliers have notified us of forthcoming price increases to their products. Details of these are as follows:

Effective for all deliveries on or after 1st January 2013:

Supplier                                     Product                                                                         Increase

Artex                                       Gyproc Plasterboards                                                         3.9%
                                                Thistle Plasters                                                                    3.9%
                                                Gyproc Jointing & Adhesives                                             3.9%
                                                Gyproc & Artex Cove                                                            3.9%
                                                Artex Texture                                                                          3.9%
                                                Gyproc Profilex Access Panels                                          0-3.9%

British Gypsum                    Gyproc Plasterboards                                                          3.9%
                                                Glasroc F                                                                                3.9%
                                                Glasroc H                                                                               3.9%
                                                Rigidur H Boards                                                                  3.9%
                                                Gyproc Plasterboard Accessories                                     3.9%
                                                Thistle Plasters                                                                      3.9%
                                                Ceilings (Excluding CasoLine Quick-Lock Grid)             3.9%
Ecophon                              Focus Quadro Panels                                                             15%
                                              Opta                                                                                             15%
                                              Lighting Products                                                                        3%
                                              Connect Grid, Profiles & Accessories                                     3%
                                              All Other Soft Products (Ceiling Tiles & Wall Panels)          3%

Knauf Drywall                    Knauf Plasters                                                                              5%
                                             (Excluding Plano Readymix, Deco Readymix, Deco Plus Readymix & Airless Readymix)
                                             Knauf Plasterboards                                                                   4%
                                             Knauf Jointing Compounds                                                       5%
                                             Knauf Joint Tapes & Accessories                                             4%
                                             Knauf Aquapanel (Including Interior/Exterior & Accessories)         4%
                                             Knauf Apertura (Excluding Apertura Metal Components)              4%
                                             Knauf Brio Panels                                                                        6%
                                             Knauf GIFAfloor Panels                                                               6%
                                             Knauf Brio Screws                                                                      15%
                                             All Other Flooring Products                                                       12%
                                             Knauf Sealants & Mastics                                                           4% 
                                             Knauf Wallboard Primer                                                              4%        
                                             Knauf Cove & Cove Adhesive                                                     4%                       
                                             Knauf Plasterboard Adhesive                                                     5%                      
                                             Knauf Gypsum Parge Coat                                                         5%       

Kilwaughter                        All Render Products                                                                 3-5%

Renderplas                        All Products                                                                           1.724%

Siniat                                    Standard Boards                                                         Average 4%
                                              Performance Boards                                                           4-6.3%
                                              (Excluding Thermal PIR Board & Thermal K Board)                                     

                                              Specialist Boards                                                                   4-6%
                                              Metal Accessories                                                                      4%
                                              GTEC Socket Pads                                                                    5%
                                              Universal Bonding Compound                                                5%
                                              Jointing Compounds                                                                 5%
                                              (Excluding Easy Finish Xtra)
                                              All Other Accessories                                                                4%
                                              (Excluding Collated Screws/Nailable Plugs)                                             
Tenon                                   Laminate Skirting                                                         Up to 40%
                                              10mm & 12mm Toughened Glass Products                    5.5%
                                              Honeycombe Panels                                                             4.5%

Weber                                  Facade Products                                                     Average 3.2%

The new list prices for specific products that are affected by the changes are available from your local branch.

Yours sincerely

Andy Holmes
Commercial Director

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