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Updates - Price Changes

Dear Customer,

A number of our suppliers have notified us of forthcoming price increases to their products.  Details of these are as follows:

Effective for all deliveries on or after 1st January 2013:

Supplier                       Product                                                                                                 Increase
Kaimann                      Kaiflex ST (Including Kaiflex ST Selfseal & Kaiflex ST Coils)              9%
                                       Kaiflex EPDMplus                                                                              9%
                                       Kaiflex PE                                                                                            9%
                                       Kaiflex Protect Alu-TEC                                                                     3%
                                       Kaiflex Protect Alu- NET                                                                    3%
                                       Kaiflex Protect F-Black /F-Alu                                                           3%
                                       Kaiflex Protect Accessories                                                             5%
                                       Kaiflex Solar (Entire Range)                                                            5%
                                       Kaiload                                                                                                5%
                                       Kaiflex Accessories                                                                           5%

L’Isolante                     All Products                                                                                         9%

NMC                              All Products                                                                                         9%

Unifrax                          Fiberfrax Range                                                                                  6%
                                       Insulfrax Range                                                                                  5%
                                       Isofrax Range                                                                                     5%


Effective for all deliveries on or after 2nd January 2013:

Supplier                        Product                                                                                 Increase
Armacell                       All Products                                                                          Average 9%

Rockwool                    Process Pipe Sections & PSM                                                    9.25%
                                      Pipe Bend Insulation                                                                     9.25%
                                      Wired Mat Industrial Grade & HD                                                9.25%
                                      LD & HD Quilt                                                                                  9.25%
                                      Industrial Handfill                                                                           9.25%
                                      Marine Firebatt 2000                                                                      9.25%

                                      Hydrocarbon Products                                                                  9.25%

Effective for all deliveries on or after 15th January 2013:

Supplier                      Product                                                                                         Increase
Promat                        Alsiflex Alcen                                                                                      7.5%
                                     Dalfratex                                                                                                  4%
                                     Duratec 750/1000/XP                                                                           5%
                                     Monalite M1/M1A                                                                                   8%
                                     Monolux 500 & 800                                                                               4%
                                     Microporous                                                                                           4%
                                     Promaglaf                                                                                               6%
                                     Promasil                                                                                               10%
                                     Superset / Hardset/Superplastic                                                     10%


The new list prices for specific products that are affected by the changes are available from your local branch.

Yours sincerely

Andy Holmes
Commercial Director

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