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Updates - Price Changes

Effective for all deliveries on or after 1st April 2013:

Supplier                                   Product                                                  Increase
Airflow                                     AIR920 Airbrick                                      7.5%
                                                 AIR960 Liner                                          5%

AMF                                         All Tile Products                                     5% Average

Bosch                                     Promaline Accessories                        3% Average

Hambleside Danelow         All Products                                             5%

Makita                                      All Products                                            3% Average

Proctor                                     Roofshield Products                             5%                               
Toolbank                                 All Products                                            3.54%  

Venture Tape                          All Products                                            4% Average


Effective for all deliveries on or after 2nd April 2013:

Supplier                                  Product                                                    Increase
Fosroc                                    Concrete Repair & Remediation         3%
                                                 Coatings & Flooring                               3-4%
                                                 Joint Sealants                                         3%
                                                 Waterproofing                                         3%
                                                 Grouts & Anchors                                   2%

Effective for all deliveries on or after 22nd April 2013:

Supplier                                   Product                                                Increase
Dewalt                                     All Spares

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