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Current Manufacturer: Bostik Limited

  Evo-Stik 4179 Sprayable Solvent Based Adhesive
  Evo-Stik 5696 Solvented Contact Adhesive
  Evo-Stik Building Silicone
  Evo-Stik Foam Filler
  Evo-Stik Intucrylic Sealant
  Evo-Stik Silicone Frame Sealant
  Idenden Aquashield Vapour Barrier Coating 30-316
  Idenden Brushable Vapour Barrier Coating 30-150
  Idenden Dampstrip Asbestos Penetrant 30-330
  Idenden Fire Protection Structural Adhesive 10-450
  Idenden Flame Resistant Adhesive 10-250
  Idenden General Purpose Adhesive 10-88
  Idenden General Purpose Aerosol Adhesive 10-500
  Idenden Heat Resistant Silicone Sealant 40-297
  Idenden High Temperature Adhesive 10-02
  Idenden Insulation Hangers
  Idenden PVA Sealer 30-17
  Idenden Sprayable Vapour Barrier Coating ET-150
  Idenden T301 Self Adhesive Reinforced Foil Tape
  Idenden Tape Seal Adhesive 10-63
  Idenden Water Based Structural Adhesive 10-188
  Simson Synthetic Polymer Adhesive ISR 70-03

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