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Foamglas Floorboard

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Floor Board

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Product Description:

FOAMGLAS® can be used for the thermal insulation of floor slabs at ground level. Its resistance to water and water vapour ensures that the insulation remains constant for the lifetime of the building, particularly important where the area of construction is subject to high levels of moisture caused by the water table.

The use of FOAMGLAS® Floorboard as insulation below the floor slab or building raft has distinct economic advantages. Cellular glass does not compress or creep and therefore the structural engineer is able to design the raft/floor thickness and reinforcement based on the ground level condition, this brings about a reduction in thickness and reinforcement with considerable cost savings.

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Sub Code
1200 mm
600 mm
40 mm
40mm Thickness (6 Boards/Pack)
1200 mm
600 mm
50 mm
50mm Thickness (5 Boards/Pack)
1200 mm
600 mm
60 mm
60mm Thickness (4 Boards/Pack)
1200 mm
600 mm
80 mm
80mm Thickness (3 Boards/Pack)
1200 mm
600 mm
100 mm
100mm Thickness (3 Boards/Pack)
1200 mm
600 mm
120 mm
120mm Thickness (2 Boards/Pack)
1200 mm
600 mm
140 mm
140mm Thickness (2 Boards/Pack)

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