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Glidevale G Range Tile & Slate Ventilators

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G Range

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Product Description:

lidevale G range slate and tile ventilators are designed to ventilate through the roof slope and form an integral part of a slate or tile roof covering.  They can be used at low or high level where the roof construction does not allow eaves or ridge ventilators to be used, or where complex roof shapes do not allow effective cross ventilation.

- Range of ventilation areas from   5,000mm2/m to 20,000mm2/m
- The smallest, least obtrusive cowls available for the air capacity
- Colour matched as standard to blend in with adjacent tiles or slates
- Colour blending service for unusual tiles and slates, specials and old weathered tiles and slates
- Easily converted for use as svp or mechanical extract terminals
- AA fire rating enabling unrestricted use

Please contact your local branch for further information on colours and sizes available

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