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Rockwool Rocklap H&V Pipe Sections

Insulation Products: Industrial H&V > Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning Products (HVAC)

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Product Description:

Product description:

For rapid, efficient pipework insulation

Rocklap H&V Pipe Sections are strong lengths of pre-formed insulation with a one-piece, factory applied foil facing with integral self-adhesive lap. The integral lap ensures fast and easy installation: just snap the Sections onto the pipe, peel off the backing tape and smooth down for a completely sealed joint.

The Sections are designed for thermal and acoustic insulation of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning pipework operating in the temperature range 0ºc to 700 ºc.

 Resilient, high performance barrier provided by one-piece, reinforced foil with integral lap
 Fast and simple installation reduces costs and time on site
 Installation may be carried out in winter conditions
 Tape requirement reduced
 Class O finish

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