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Rocksilk Firetech Slab

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Product Description:

Rocksilk FireTech Slab

Provides up to 4 hours Fire Protection to Structural Steelwork
Rocksilk FireTech Slab is a high density rock mineral wool slab. It is available unfaced and faced with a Bright Class O reinforced aluminium foil, for applications above clean rooms, within air plenums, or for aesthetic purposes. Unfaced product can receive decorative renders or plaster without further preparation. Tissue faced product is available subject to enquiry.


Rocksilk FireTech Slab is made from non-combustible, inorganic rock wool, defined as mineral wool in BS 3533: 1981 and is manufactured to a Quality Assurance system which complies with BS EN ISO 9001:2000.


Fire Performance
Rocksilk FireTech Slab is classified as noncombustible to BS 476: Part 4: 1970 (1984) and Class 1 surface spread of flame to BS 476: Part 7: 1997 and Class O to the Building Regulations and is A1 to Euroclass. Rocksilk FireTech Slab is designed to provide up to 4 hours fire protection to structural steel work, thereby satisfying the current Building Regulations and insurance demands for periods of fire resistance.

The mineral wool of Rocksilk FireTech Slab is odourless, non-hygroscopic, rot proof, does not sustain vermin and will not encourage the growth of fungi, mould or bacteria. Rocksilk FireTech Slab is non-wicking when tested to BS 2972:1989: Section 12.

Moisture Resistance
When exposed to 90% humidity and 20°C, Rocksilk FireTech Slab absorbs less than 0.004% of moisture.


Rocksilk FireTech Slab can be used to provide up to 4 hours fire protection to structural steel and cast iron columns, beams and trusses.

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