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Polyfoam Liner Board

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Polyfoam Linerboard

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Product Description:

Polyfoam Linerboard

For thermal insulation and internal lining of walls


Polyfoam Linerboard is a laminate of Polyfoam high performance, 100% ozone friendly, extruded polystyrene, rigid board insulation and plasterboard. It is highly thermally efficient yet provides an internal lining that prepares the building for habitation.

Polyfoam Linerboard utilises tapered edge plasterboard.


Polyfoam Linerboard is used for the thermal insulation and lining of internal, semi-exposed and exposed walls in one simple operation. In wall insulation, the optimum solution should:

  • be practical and simple to install
  • have an insulation component that has low moisture absorption to perform correctly if exposed to water during installation or in application (damp cavities or damp walls should not impact performance),
  • be a good thermal performer
  • be stable in the long term

The following range of applications are the key areas of use of Polyfoam Linerboard:

  • Housing
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Retail developments
  • Public buildings

Polyfoam Linerboard is recommended for the following wall constructions:

  • Internal insulation and lining of masonry walls in new build or refurbishment
  • Internal insulation and lining of timber frame walls in new build or refurbishment


Compression resistance
The rigidity of the Polyfoam board behind the plasterboard will offer an excellent support to the finished internal lining and assist in the resistance of impact, helping to prolong its service life.

Moisture resistance
Walls should be sound and weatherproof before applying a thermal plasterboard laminate. Damp walls could have a detrimental effect on insulation and adhesive performance.

When lining internal walls in refurbishment projects the existing wall is often in a state of disrepair, which can mean dampness. The Polyfoam insulation backing to the plasterboard is resistant to moisture absorption and can offer the best piece of mind solution for an application where, as outlined above any potential moisture ingress is a concern. Ensuring that moisture has a minimal impact on the performance of the product. If in any doubt about adhesive use mechanical fixings.

Thermal insulation
Polyfoam Linerboard is high performance insulated laminate, with aged quoted thermal performance values which are virtually unaffected by moisture on site.

The actual performance in use of Polyfoam Linerboard is outlined in the attached application section U-Value tables.

Fire Performance
Polyfoam Linerboard consists of a 9.5mm plasterboard which offers excellent fire performance as a facing material and Polyfoam insulation which contains a flame retardant to inhibit localised ignition.

When installed on dabs a secondary fixing in the centre of each board will ensure the integrity of the internal finish during evacuation in case of fire.

Handling and storage

Polyfoam Linerboard is supplied on pallets, labelled with identifying product and manufacturing data.
The boards are easy to handle and nonirritant, no special protective clothing is required to install them.

Polyfoam products should not be left exposed to prolonged sunlight as this will result in surface degradation. Where outside storage for extended periods is required cover with opaque/light coloured sheeting.

Ensure the boards are not stored close to open flame or other ignition source, also avoiding volatile compounds and chemicals such as solvents.

Product Data


All Polyfoam Linerboards have a Moisture Absorption by Volume of 0.3%, Continuous Service Temperature Limits of -50°C to +75°C, Nominal Density 30kg/m3 and a Minimum Compressive

Click on the Sub Code for more details.

Sub Code
2400 mm
1200 mm
17.5/9.5 mm
9.5mm Plbd/17.5mm Polyfoam x 1.2m x 2.4m
2400 mm
1200 mm
25.5/9.5 mm
9.5mm Plbd/25.5mm Polyfoam x 1.2m x 2.4m
2400 mm
1200 mm
30.5/9.5 mm
9.5mm Pbd/30.5mm Polyfoam x1200x2400mm
2400 mm
1200 mm
36/9.5 mm
36MM/9.5MM 1200MM X 2400MM
2400 mm
1200 mm
45.5/9.5 mm
9.5mm Plbd/45.5 Polyfoam x1200x2400mm

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