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EcoTherm Eco-Cavity

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Eco Cavity

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Product Description:

Used for new build and for upgrading the thermal performance of existing cavity walls, providing a cost effective means of reducing CO2 emissions and for compliance with Building Regulations.  Eco-Cavity achieves high performance insulation whilst maintaining a clear residual cavity; effective protection against driving rain, particularly in coastal and exposed locations.

Eco-Cavity is rigid polyisocyanurate foam with aluminium foil composite on both sides. It is a high performance insulation used as a partial cavity fill within traditionally built masonry walls. It is conveniently sized so that the boards co-ordinate with brick and block dimensions and to allow the insertion of wall ties into the construction at the appropriate spacing.

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Sub Code
1200 mm
450 mm
25 mm
25mm Thickness
1200 mm
450 mm
30 mm
30mm Thickness
1200 mm
450 mm
35 mm
35mm Thickness
1200 mm
450 mm
40 mm
40mm Thickness
1200 mm
450 mm
50 mm
50mm Thickness
1200 mm
450 mm
60 mm
60mm Thickness

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