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Isover Crimp Wrap

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Crimp Wrap

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Product Description:

Product Description

A flexible glass mineral wool roll, designed to provide thermal and acoustic insulation for ductwork, tanks and large diameter pipes. The increased compression resistance of this product makes it ideal for use at all levels, inside or outside a building with subsequent covering.

Features and Benefits



High levels of thermal and acoustic performance 

Meets all UK thermal building regulations and offers energy savings 

Superior acoustic performance compared to competitor products

Can be used for noise control of ductwork  

Base material Euroclass A2 fire rating; class O compliance

Fire safe

Unique variably orientated fibres

Provides superior compression resistance - perfect for use at low levels and/or with external coverings 

Flexible with a natural curve, easy to cut and bend

Easy to handle, lends itself to being wrapped around curved surfaces allowing faster installation 

Factory applied aluminium foil facing

Inherent vapour barrier helping prevent moisture reaching the duct

High quality mineral wool

Non-hydroscopic will not absorb moisture from the surrounding air and is chemically inert - will not accelerate corrosion of steel, copper or aluminium 


Performance will not deteriorate over time - long product life, no ageing of product


Compression resistance - product will not sag or consolidate over time in normal applications

Generic BRE Green Guide A+ Summary rating

Excellent environmental credentials

Up to 80 percent recycled post – consumer glass 


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Sub Code
8150 mm
1200 mm
30 mm
Isover Crimp Wrap
7500 mm
1200 mm
50 mm
Isover Crimp Wrap
3750 mm
1200 mm
100 mm
Isover Crimp Wrap

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