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HT Armaflex

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Product Description:

The special advantage of HT/Armaflex insulation material is its specific temperature range of -50°C to +150°C. Armacell developed HT/Armaflex as a completely new insulation material, which remains flexible even at temperatures of up to +150ºC. HT/Armaflex is also UV resistant and may be installed outside without additional protective measures. Oil resistance has been improved and smoke development has been reduced to a minimum in the event of fire. HT/Armaflex provides protection against diffusion of water vapour as a closed-cell material and features all the properties, which you can expect from a flexible elastomeric insulation, such as low thermal conductivity and good behaviour in fire.

Application: insulation for pipework and ancillary equipment at high temperature ranges, e.g. solar panels, including outdoors, motor vehicles, hot gas lines, remote distribution lines or steam and dual temperature lines
and also for alternative temperature loading.

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