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Knauf Acoustic Partition Roll

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Product Description:

Acoustic Partition Roll
For metal and timber stud partitions

Acoustic Partition Roll is a flexible, resilient, roll of glass mineral wool. It is supplied in dimensions to suit studs at standard 600mm centres.

Acoustic Partition Roll is designed specifically for the sound insulation of metal and timber stud partitions. Using mineral wool as a sound absorbent layer in partitions will significantly improve their acoustic performance, whilst only adding minimally to the overall mass of the structure. The mineral wool complements the plasterboard by absorbing airborne sound in the cavity and reducing reverberation. It also has the effect of reducing the hollow sound that can occur in partitions with unfilled cavities.

Metal stud partitions faced with standard 12.5mm plasterboard and infilled with Acoustic Partition Roll can meet the requirement for a 40 Rw dB sound reduction in accordance with Approved Document E of the Building Regulations.

Acoustic Partition Roll has exceptional acoustic absorption properties.

Acoustic Partition Roll is classified as Euroclass A1 to BS EN ISO 13501-1

• Excellent sound absorption
• Dimensioned to suit 600mm stud centres
• Quick, economic installation
• Can be used with standard plasterboard to achieve a sound reduction of 40 Rw dB
• Friction fits between studs, ensuring continuity of the absorbent layer with no gaps

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Sub Code
10000 mm
2400 mm
25 mm
25mm x 4/600mm x 10m
13000 mm
1200 mm
50 mm
50mm x 2/600mm x 13m
13000 mm
1200 mm
50 mm
50mm x 1200mm x 13m
7000 mm
1200 mm
75 mm
75mm x 2/600mm x 7m
7000 mm
1200 mm
75 mm
75mm x 1200mm x 7m
6500 mm
1200 mm
100 mm
100mm x 2/600mm x 6.5m

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