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Firestem Firestop Barrier

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Firestem Firestop Barrier

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Product Description:

The perfect solution to an age old problem. The Firestemô Fire Stop Barrier System is a mineral board, treated with an ablative coating on both sides, for fire and smoke sealing of openings in fire compartment walls and floors to give a fire resistance from 1 to 6 hours.

The Firestemô Fire Stop Barrier Systems are extremely versatile lightweight and self-supporting; no shuttering required, no mess, fast to install and highly cost effective.

Acoustic Performance

A single board system has a sound reduction index of 30dB, tested to BS5821 (1984).

A double board system has a sound reduction index of 41dB.

However, as site conditions may vary it is advisable to consult our Technical Department for specific application.

Firestemô F60 System

The openings and cable penetrations which require to be Fire Rated to a minimum of 60 minutes are treated with a coat of Firestemô 1W, around the opening over a width of 40mm and over the services for a length of 200mm, measured from the heart of the opening (total length of services treated with Firestemô 1W 2 x 200 = 400mm). Any gaps between cables are filled on site with Firestemô 2.

The opening is then sealed with sheets of mineral wool boards, 50mm thick and a density of 160 kg/m3. The mineral wool is treated on both sides with Firestemô 1W (approximately 0.75mm thick - 1 litre/m≤). Gaps between cables and the mineral wool boards are sealed with mineral wool fitted tightly around the cables. These small pieces are treated with Firestemô 1W and glued in position.

The remaining voids between cables and cabletrays are filled with Firestemô Mastic over a length of 100mm on both sides of the opening. After the opening is totally sealed, it is given a final coat of Firestemô 1W.

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Sub Code
1200 mm
600 mm
50 mm
Double Sided Fire Batt 1200mm x 600mm x 50mm White
1200 mm
600 mm
50 mm
Double Sided Fire Batt 1200mm x 600mm x 50mm Red
Coating 1W 5kg Tubs (White Lid)
Coating 1W 5kg Tubs (Red Lid)

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