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Promat TD Board®

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Product Code: 36083

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Product Description:

Promat TD Board® is a mineral fibre board. It is light green in colour and is normally used in the fire protection of structural steel, and as a thermal insulation core for composite structures and fire doors.

Promat TD Board® is available unfaced or faced with a reinforced scrim or aluminium foil. It is manufactured in accordance with a BS EN ISO 9000 quality management system.

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Sub Code
2000 mm
1200 mm
25 mm
25mm x 1200mm x 2000mm (45/pallet)
2000 mm
1200 mm
30 mm
30mm x 1200mm x 2000mm (40 boards p/pal)
2000 mm
1200 mm
35 mm
35mm x 2000mm x 1200mm (32)
2000 mm
1200 mm
30 mm
40mm x 2000mm x 1200mm (30)
2000 mm
1200 mm
50 mm
50mm x 2000mm x 1200mm (24)
2000 mm
1200 mm
60 mm
60mm x 2000mm x 1200mm (20)

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