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Smartply3 A New Generation of Structural Panel

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Product Description:

SmartPly OSB is manufactured by compressing precisely engineered strands of wood with exterior resins at high temperature to create an incredibly strong and versatile panel.

OSB is an innovative, environmentally sustainable, timber-based solution for structural and non-structural building applications.

There are two grades of SmartPly, each made with a different exterior glue and suitable for many general uses.

Defect free and easy-to-use
SmartPly has no structural defects, such as knotholes and core voids, and is easy to work with. It cuts easily, will not delaminate, and can be bored, routed and planed with consistent results.

Panels can be nailed 10mm from the edge without splitting or breaking out - critical to structural applications.

SmartPly 3 is a strong, versatile board suitable for structural use in humid conditions, ideal for applications as diverse as roofing, flooring, hoarding and wall sheathing etc.

Zero-added formaldehyde
In keeping with current construction methods of working towards healthier homes, All SmartPly OSB3 products have been manufactured using zero added formaldehyde.

Conditioned to perform in humid environments, SmartPly 3 is the fully certified alternative to softwood plywood.

It is versatile, strong and cost-effective. Manufactured with exterior resins, SmartPly 3 is suitable for both interior and exterior structural applications such as:

  • Roofing
  • Flooring
  • Wall Sheathing
  • Hoarding

SmartPly products are incredibly tough. Precisely engineered strands of wood are compressed with exterior resins at high temperature.

SmartPly products are free from knot-holes and core voids. They will not delaminate and can be easily cut, routed, planed and bored with consistent results, glued with wood adhesive and nailed up to 10mm from the edge without splitting - making it easy to work with and reducing waste.

SmartPly 3 products are fully approved by the BBA, IAB, KOMO and other European certifying bodies. Its suitability for structural use is also recognised by Homebond, Local Authority Building Inspectors, and the NHBC, and has FSC certification.

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Sub Code
2400 mm
1200 mm
11 mm
11mm x 2400mm x 1200mm
2400 mm
1200 mm
15 mm
15mm x 2400mm x 1200mm
2400 mm
1200 mm
18 mm
18mm x 2400mm x 1200mm

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