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AIM Fire Stop Strips

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AIM Fire Stop Strips

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Product Description:

AIM Fire Stop Strip

AIM High Density Mineral Wool Fire and Smoke Stop for medium size linear gaps in buildings


AIM Fire Stop Strip is made from high density rock wool and is permanently held in place by compression without the need for adhesive or intumescent mastic. It prevents the passage of flame and smoke through the void being fire stopped.

For gaps greater than 100mm above masonry walls and partitions use AIM Partition Head Barrier.


AIM Fire Stop Strip must be compressed by about 5%, when installed. It is push fitted into place and must fit tightly and completely; all butt joins also must be tight. A small piece of metal or plastic sheet may be temporarily inserted as a slip plate, if rough masonry surfaces cause problems. If the gap to be filled is between two components which might separate in a fire, the two components must be connected with steel brackets to ensure that the distance of separation cannot increase.

Acoustic Rating

AIM Fire Stop Strip will reduce flanking transmission of sound through the void it fills by at least 9dB. When installed in a 50mm gap above a partition and where an imperforate 12.5mm plasterboard ceiling is installed to abut the partition below on both sides, the room to room sound reduction, on the path of the Fire Stop Strip, will be at least 47dB - average sound reduction index.


  • Top of masonry wall under soffit.
  • Above partitions
  • Expansion joint in masonry wall.
  • Within metal cladding systems.
  • Between ceilings and walls.

Fire Resistance

The performance of AIM Fire Stop Strip has been tested to BS 476 part 20 and assessed by Warrington Fire Research Centre to achieve the values as stated in the Fire Resistance Chart below. (Thickness is measured as the distance between one compartment and the next, which the fire stop or barrier is separating).

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