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AIM Raised Access Floor Fire Barrier

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Product Code: 19756

Raised Access Floor

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Product Description:

AIM Raised Access Floor Fire Barrier is made from high density fire tested rock wool slab, faced with Class O foil. The foil is imprinted with the AIM Logo and arrows, which ensures the authenticity of the product and assists with correct cutting procedure when the barrier is supplied in slab form (see below). The Barrier is supplied unfaced for voids less than 50mm.

The Barrier is cut to a height 5% greater than void and is permanently held in place by compression without the need for adhesive or intumescent mastic. AIM Access Floor Fire Barrier prevents the passage of flame and smoke through the void being fire stopped, for at least the period of fire rating specified.

AIM Raised Access Floor Fire Barrier is supplied either cut to size to suit void height or in slab form for cutting to height on site.

System Descriptions

  • AIM ½ hour RAF Barrier.
  • AIM 1 hour RAF Barrier.
  • AIM 2 hour RAF Barrier.
  • AIM High Void RAF Barrier is used where the void height exceeds 600mm. It is 150mm thick and is suitable for ½ hour and 1 hour applications.

All barriers offer integrity and insulation to their specified fire rating (i.e. AIM ½ hour barrier gives 30 minutes integrity plus 30 minutes insulation).

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