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Crown Cavity Barrier

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Product Description:

Knauf Cavity Barrier
For concealed cavities

Cavity Barriers are manufactured from a continuous length of non-combustible glass mineral wool which is compressed within a resilient polythene sleeve incorporating two flanges designed for ease of fixing. The polythene sleeve is colour-coded to suit a variety of cavity widths from 50mm to 100mm and eliminates the need for weather protection during installation

Cavity Barriers are manufactured from glass mineral wool which has a Euroclass A1 fire rating when classified in accordance with BS EN 13501-1.

Cavity Barriers have been tested for fire resistance in accordance with BS 476: Part 8: 1972 and will provide 60 minutes stability, integrity and insulation

• Meets Building Regulation requirements for both fire and acoustics
• Simple to install and fix due to flanges on all thicknesses
• Easy identification by colour coded polythene for stockist and contractor
• Dimensionally stable and robust

Click on the Sub Code for more details.

Sub Code
1200 mm
100 mm
66-80 mm
(66-80mm) x 100mm x 1200mm
1200 mm
100 mm
81-100 mm
(81-100mm) x 100mm x 1200mm
1200 mm
300 mm
50-65 mm
(50-65mm) x 300mm x 1200mm
1200 mm
300 mm
66-80 mm
(66-80mm) x 300mm x 1200mm
1200 mm
300 mm
81-100 mm
(81-100mm) x 300mm x 1200mm

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