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Polyfoam Floorfoam Easy Edge Strip

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Polyfoam Floorfoam Easy Edge Strips

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Polyfoam Floorfoam Easy Edge Strip is a closed cell extruded polyethylene foam available in roll form. The closed cell nature of Polyfoam Floorfoam Easy Edge Strip makes it excellent at cushioning vibrations and isolating floors at junctions. Polyfoam Floorfoam Easy Edge Strip is for use at the floor perimeter. It is a 150mm wide strip of 10mm thick Polyfoam Floorfoam Easy Edge Strip, scored to enable it to be easily folded around the perimeter of a floor screed – see dimensional drawing below. The top section is also scored at 10mm intervals to make trimming at the skirting easier. The vertical section incorporates a self adhesive strip with release tape. This enables then Polyfoam Floorfoam Easy Edge Strip to be held securely in place when the screed is laid.

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