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Standard Asbetent Triple Cubicle 4kg

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Product Description:

Asbetent Airlocks for the asbestos removal  industry.   These come in two sizes : Standard and One Metre.  The  components of the Asbetent Airlock are a reusable, lightweight aluminium  frame and a white polythene cubicle which fits on to the frame.  The  Asbetent Airlock system is easily transported and erected and ready to use  in minutes. The Triple airlock comes with internal pre-cut doorways, but the  entry and exit points are selected and cut on site according to the site  layout.  The airlocks come with door flaps which are taped over the  exit-entry doorways and the internal doorways.  Self adhesive No Access  warning signs are supplied with the cubicles.  White polythene cubicles  maintain the operatives privacy, whilst permitting light to pass through.  If required vision panels maybe attached to the side of the cubicle in an  appropriate location according to site layout.  In summary, our airlock  system is a versatile, proven system which is quick and easy to erect with a  professional, tidy appearance.  It is flexible, being connectable in any  direction with entry-exit points chosen to meet on site requirements.

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