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Karma EasyPanel

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Karma Acoustic Easy Panel

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Product Description:

KARMA EasyPanel is a high performance acoustic system for use with timber,steel or solid concrete substrates on floors, walls and ceilings in new build, conversion, refurbishment and remedial projects.

Karma EasyPanel is only 15mm thick and will provide high levels of airborne and impact sound attenuation. The product can be applied to the floor, walls and ceilings and can be used on new build, refurbishment and remedial projects. The product comprises of Silica Sand, two layers of hardboard and a specially designed corrugated outer surface. Unlike other acoustic products on the market when used in a floor application it does not require any flanking strips and the panels do not have to be joined with screws, tapes or adhesive. When cutting of the panels is required they are held up vertically, cut with a knife or jigsaw and are simply taped along the opening with Karma EasyTape.


  • Huge savings in labour: the product is extremely quick to install, does not require flanking and does not have to be joined
  • Low footprint: high performance offered means that the developer will be able to provide more living space to the occupant when used on a wall, adding value to the property. If it is used on a floor construction it may save the developer on a course of brickwork or on a large apartment build allow for savings in the structure and foundations.
  • In refurbishment projects the speed of installation will cause little upheaval to occupiers and the minimal thickness of the product will not cause a problem when it comes to skirting boards, door thresholds and re-housing existing services.
  • The product can be finished with any floor or wall covering and actually improves on impact when hard surfaces are added to the surface. So it can be used with carpets, ceramic tiles, laminate flooring and linoleum.
  • The product offers a comparable performance to a timber Robust Detail floor in a fraction of the height (15mm against 107mm) and internal partitions can be built off the finished floor surface.
  • Provides a solid floor feel similar to that of a screeded floor
  • Provides excellent low frequency sound attenuation
  • Product is natural, breathable, pollutant free and odourless and can be fully recycled after use
  • Unlike other acoustic products it can be used in conjunction with under floor heating 

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