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GTEC Fire Core board

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Product Description:

GTEC Fire Core board
A high strength plasterboard for use in Lafarge Shaftwall and Encasement fire protection systems. It has a moisture resistant plaster core with glass fibres, and moisture resistant liner boards. The green dyed liner aids identification.

GTEC Fire Core board complies with BS 1230 : Part 1 : 1985 for Types 3, 4 and 5 gypsum wallboards.

Board weight is 21.3 to 21.7 kg/m².

Fire protection - Fire resistance
Typical fire resistance periods based on tests to BS 476 Parts 20, 21, 22, 23 : 1987, and assessments based on these, are given for a wide range of constructions using the plasterboard in section 2.5 of the Lafarge Drywall Manual.

Fire protection - Fire spread
GTEC Fire Core board is defined as Class 0 in accordance with the National Building Regulations 1991 Approved Document B1/2/3/4/5 (Fire Safety) and Building Standards (Scotland) Regulations 1990, Regulation D2 when tested to BS 476 : Part 6 : 1989 and Part 7 : 1987. The gypsum core is classified as non-combustible when tested in accordance with BS 476 : Part 4 : 1970.

Thermal properties
Thermal conductivity (l) is 0.24 W/mK.
Thermal resistance (R) value is 0.104m² K/W.

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Sub Code
3000 mm
600 mm
25 mm
FG25 25mm Thickness Square Edge

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