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Knauf Denseshield™

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Knauf Denseshield

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Product Description:

Knauf Denseshield is an impact resistant plasterboard offering toughness, durability and excellent load carrying capacity. It complies fully with BS EN520 and is categorised as Types A, D, F, I, R.

Note: Knauf Denseshield is available in vapour check grade.

Knauf Denseshield has a Thermal Conductivity figure of k= 0.24W/mK.

Thermal Resistance:
12.5mm = 0.05m2 K/W
15.0mm = 0.06m2 K/W

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Sub Code
2400 mm
1200 mm
12.5 mm
Denseshield Tapered Edge
3000 mm
1200 mm
15 mm
Denseshield Tapered Edge

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