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Rockwool FirePro Insulated Fire Sleeve

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Firepro Sleeve

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Product Description:

As part of the comprehensive FIREPRO range of fire protection products, ROCKWOOL Insulated Fire Sleeves are a unique combination of ROCKWOOL and graphite intumescent that will provide all the benefits of ROCKWOOL’s thermal, noise and fire benefits with an added intumescent effect.

Use of ROCKWOOL Insulated Fire Sleeves makes a complex task simple.

For insulated pipes, it is necessary to remove the insulation at point of penetration to enable standard pipe collars to close plastic pipes. This removal of insulation results in condensation on cold pipes and loss of thermal performance on hot pipes.

ROCKWOOL Insulated Fire Sleeves combats this problem by providing both fire stopping and thermal insulation.

ROCKWOOL Insulated Fire Sleeves are intended for use on Copper, Mild Steel, Polypropylene and PVC pipes and can provide 1/2, 1 and 2 hour fire resistance.

Rockwool Insulated Fire Sleeves can be used on numerous division types.

  Quick, simple and accurate installation
  Maintains pipe insulation at penetration points
  Supplied with integral vapour barrier
  No mastic or ancillaries required
  Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation

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