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Rockwool FirePro Glue

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Product Description:

As part of the comprehensive FIREPRO range of fire protection products, FIREPRO glue has been specially developed for fixing ROCKWOOL fire protection systems. It is also suitable for glue fixing other suitable ROCKWOOL products where a fire resistant adhesive is needed.

FIREPRO glue is a water based product with an approximate pH 11, supplied in 17 kg plastic tubs.

FIREPRO glue must always be stirred before use to ensure a uniform product consistency.

Generally storage should be made in frost free conditions. Should frost exposure occur, the glue should be thawed out followed by thorough stirring.

Frost exposure does not remove curing ability.

The use of FIREPRO glue is not limited to particular temperatures and has been tested when applied to surfaces with temperatures of -10c and upwards, but the curing rate insitu can be affected by:

- Temperature
- Air humidity
- Thickness of glue layer in a joint
- Air access to glued joint (i.e. not sealed off)

Please note that the temperature of FIREPRO glue must be 5c or more when applied to surfaces at lower temperatures.

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