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Rockwool Techwrap2 and Techtube

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Rockwool Techwrap2

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Product Description:

Techwrap2 and Techtube

Rockwool Techwrap2 and Techtube form part of a range of high performance Rockwool acoustic insulation products. Techwrap2 and Techtube are pre-covered with Rockwool Acoustic Membrane and reinforced aluminium foil, engineered to provide the highest standard of noise control to circular and rectangular ductwork, rainwater, soil-vent, service and process pipes. Because isolation of the mass layer from the underlying surface is critical to acoustic performance, Techwrap2 and Techtube have been designed to maintain their original thickness subsequent to installation.
High performance acoustic solutions for pipes and equipment
• Thickness maintained at corners, bends and fixing locations to maintain superior acoustic performance
• Single application of materials
• Easy to handle and install
• Excellent thermal insulation properties
Techwrap2 is constructed from strips (lamellae) of Rockwool bonded on edge to Rockwool Acoustic Membrane to provide high resistance to compression:
• Reinforced aluminium foil (inner)
• Rockwool lamella acoustic insulation
• Rockwool Acoustic Membrane
• Reinforced aluminium foil (outer)
Techtube is a strong pre-formed Rockwool pipe section precoveredn with Rockwool Acoustic Membrane:
• Rockwool pipe section
• Rockwool Acoustic Membrane
• Reinforced aluminium foil (outer)
Techwrap2 is ideally suited for use on ducts, enclosures and larger diameter pipes and Techtube for use on rainwater, soil-vent, service and process pipes.
length: 1000, 2000mm
width: 1000mm
Rockwool thickness: 25, 40, 50mm
mass Layer: 5, 10 kg/m2
length: 1000mm
to suit pipe OD: 17 to 610mm
Rockwool thickness: 20 to 100 mm*
mass layer: 5, 10 kg/m2
*Some combinations of OD and thickness may not be available.Other forms of insulation, sizes, thicknesses, mass layer types and surface weights may be available to special order.

Fire performance
The base materials of Techwrap2 and Techtube are rated non combustible in accordance with ISO 1182.
Thermal conductivity
Techwrap2 0.039 W/mK
Techtube 0.033 W/mK
(at 10°C mean product temperature)

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