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Isover Ultimate Protect

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Product Description:

Product Description

ULTIMATE™ Protect is a new generation mineral wool that combines all the advantages of conventional thermal and acoustic insulation with increased fire protection.

The ULTIMATE™ Protect product range, also known as U Protect, consists of slabs and wired mats which offer up to two hours fire protection for both rectangular and circular ductwork systems.

Features and Benefits




Meets BS 476: Part and EN1366-1 for ventilation ductwork

Top level fire protection performance

Euroclass A1 fire rating; class ‘O’ compliance 

Totally non-combustible, top level reaction to fire performance

High levels of thermal performance

Meets all UK thermal building regulations and offering energy savings

Superior acoustic performance compared to competitor products

50% better sound absorption than typical competitor products 

Up to 65% lighter than traditional stone wool systems 

Easier to install 

Manageable (easy to cut and bend) 

50% faster installation


Standard laggers knife can be used 

Off cuts can be used 

Minimising waste on site

Only need glue at wall penetrations 

Less glue required, faster installation 

No need for pre-fabrication 

Cost saving 

High quality mineral wool

Non-hydroscopic will not absorb moisture from the surrounding air and is chemically inert - will not accelerate corrosion of steel, copper or aluminium 


Performance will not deteriorate over time - long product life, no ageing of product


Compression resistance - product will not sag or consolidate over time in normal applications

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