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Ultra Universal Pipe Wrap & Pipe Sleeve

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Product Description:

Ultra Universal Pipe Wrap is an innovative and cost effective product for the fire stopping of plastic pipe penetrations. The product reinstates the fire rating of a construction and prevents fire spread from one compartment to another.
Ultra Universal Pipe Wrap is capable of expanding over 30 times its thickness to crush and close off the pipe in a fire situation, forming a solid char and preventing the passage of fire and smoke to the adjacent compartment.

Ultra Universal Pipe Sleeve is a revolutionary product incorporating the performance benefits of Ultra Universal Pipe Wrap, as well as a wider scope of application. This provides a cost effective fire stop for all plastic pipes, moving away from traditional products already on the market, such as Pipe Collars and Pipe Wraps.
Ultra Universal Pipe Sleeve’s scope of application includes all Plastic Pipes as well as Phenolic Insulated Pipes from OD sized up to 168mm and insulation thickness up to 40mm.
Its uniquely scored surface allows the product to wrap around pipes with ease, whilst the strip can also be ripped by hand without the need of a knife. The separate foil tape serves not only to direct the intumescent but also to bind the strip in a neat bundle.

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