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Polyfoam Floorboard Extra

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Polyfoam Floorboard

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Product Description:

For thermal insulation of floors, Polyfoam Floorboard comes in 3 grades - Standard, Extra & Super


Polyfoam Floorboard is a high performance, 100% ozone friendly, extruded polystyrene, rigid board insulation. It is lightweight, yet has excellent structural strength and long term effectiveness. Polyfoam Floorboard is available in 3 grades to suit the intended end use of the finished floor:

  • Standard – General Domestic Load Flooring
  • Extra – Commercial, Industrial Flooring and Cold storage
  • Super – Very High Load Commercial, Industrial and Cold Storage floors

Polyfoam Floorboard Super is supplied with interlocking rebated edges. Polyfoam Floorboard Standard and Extra are square edged boards.


Polyfoam Floorboard is used for the thermal insulation of floors. In flooring insulation, the optimum solution has to:

  • be strong
  • have low moisture absorption
  • be a good thermal performer
  • be structurally stable in the long term
  • be lightweight
  • be easy to install

The following range of applications are some of the key areas of use of Polyfoam Floorboard:

  • General domestic load flooring
    • Housing
    • Offices
    • Schools
    • Hospitals
  • Commercial load flooring
    • Heavier load offices, schools and Hospitals
    • Factory and industrial units
  • Cold Store floors
  • Basement Walls

Polyfoam Floorboard is suitable for almost any floor construction including:

  • Below a concrete slab
  • Below screed on a beam block suspended floor
  • Below screed on a ground bearing concrete slab
  • Below screed on an upper/intermediate concrete slab floor
  • Below chipboard on a beam and block floor
  • Below chipboard on a ground bearing concrete slab
  • Below chipboard on an upper/intermediate concrete slab floor
  • Under a raft foundation


Compression resistance
All materials are compressed under load. Insulation materials used in floors should be capable of accommodating the applied loads with the minimum of compression. Polyfoam Floorboard is highly resistant to compression and withstands both occasional and long term static loads. A factor of safety for design loads of 3 (5 for long term static loads) is applied to the compressive strength of the product as outlined in the product data tables.

Moisture resistance
The moisture resistance of the board allows it to be laid exposed to ground water, with negligible impact on performance. The board will not provide a water vapour controlling layer, however, it can be laid in ground water or up against wet concrete. Once in position it will not allow moisture to cross through the completed construction.

Thermal insulation
Polyfoam Floorboard is a high performance insulant, with aged quoted thermal performance values. Unlike most other insulants, the effect of moisture on performance is negligible. The actual performance in use of each grade of Polyfoam Floorboard is outlined in the attached application sections.

Fire Performance
When Polyfoam Floorboard is installed in a concrete or timber floor construction it will not contribute to the development stages of a fire.


Polyfoam Floorboard Standard, Extra and Super are third party certified by the British Board of Agrément.

Handling and Storage

Polyfoam Floorboard is supplied in polythene packs, labelled with identifying product and manufacturing data. The boards are easy to handle and nonirritant, no special protective clothing is required to install them. Polyfoam products should not be left exposed to prolonged sunlight as this will result in surface degradation. Where outside storage for extended periods is required cover with opaque/light coloured sheeting. Ensure the boards are not stored close to open flame or other ignition source, also avoiding volatile organic compounds and chemicals such as solvents.

Product Data

All Polyfoam Floorboard variants have a Moisture Absorption by Volume of 0.3% and Continuous Service Temperature Limits of -50°C to +75°C.

Click on the Sub Code for more details.

Sub Code
2500 mm
600 mm
25 mm
25mm x 600mm x 2500mm
2500 mm
600 mm
25 mm
25mm x 600mm x 2500mm
2500 mm
600 mm
35 mm
35mm x 600mm x 2500mm
2500 mm
600 mm
50 mm
50mm x 600mm x 2500mm
2500 mm
600 mm
65 mm
65mm x 600mm x 2500mm
2500 mm
600 mm
75 mm
75mm x 600mm x 2500mm

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