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Innovative Alternative Construction Systems for Achieving High Performance Solutions

As energy conservation standards in construction become more and more challenging, solutions can often be found in adopting specialist building systems, often referred to as System Build. Two examples of this type of construction are Insulslab High Performance Raft Foundation and Insulwall Insulated Concrete Formwork.

Insulslab SFRC (Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete) is a complete system, based on a type of raft foundation, which comprises a series of interlocking expanded polystyrene pods, forming a substantially rigid ‘waffle’ shaped slab. Steel fibre reinforced concrete is poured over the top to form the finished foundation. The steel fibres are manufactured in the UK by ArcelorMittal.

Insulwall is a complete system, based on lightweight interlocking expanded polystyrene forms, which are used to construct a continuously insulated structural wall. The forms provide a formwork system into which concrete is poured. The wall can then be finished by using render, cladding or brick slip externally and using plasterboard internally.

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